It’s the beginning of a new year and I wish you a happy year. I have a gift for you that I hope will help it be so.

Although we may not have met, know that you’re important. As you’re reading this, and if you’ve read Good Morning, Life! or any of my social media posts, I feel connected to you and am grateful you are on my journey. Our paths have crossed. When I write, I write for you.

my gift to you
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I aim to help you experience more inner peace in your life. It’s achievable but I understand that it’s an ongoing practice. It’s not once and done. Even though I wrote a book with the happiness formula, I need regular reminders and practice. I’ve even re-read Good Morning, Life! multiple times. My community and close friends are also indispensable support for me.


Having a community walking this path together makes life much smoother. And during difficult times it may just make life bearable. Through Good Morning, Life!, and on Instagram and Facebook, I offer community. We can be reminded that life is beautiful in all its ups and downs. When days are good, know that I’m silently cheering you on. And on tough days, be reminded that it’ll be okay. Happiness and inner peace can be found in all of it. It’s just a thought and a breath away.

Like you, life is a balancing act for me too. As a mom with a full-time career in the financial services industry, inspiring happiness through speaking and writing is woven into the tapestry of my life. It’s part of my Purpose and Balance from the happiness formula. I’m excited as you explore purpose and balance along with the other elements of the happiness formula.

Sometimes it helps to know we aren’t alone. We’re on the path together in community with one another. That’s what I want to remind you. My gift is this reminder. And it comes in the form of a poem.

The gift

Over the holidays, I received a Christmas present that inspired this poem. The gift was a little Zen garden. It was a sweet, thoughtful gift from my son’s girlfriend. As I sat one morning during my mindful time, tending my little garden this poem came to me. It’s a poem for you. I hope you like it.

my gift to you

Let me be your rock

When days are hard when days are tough,

Let me be your rock.

When days are chaotic, confusing or sad,

Let me be your ocean.

Rest on me, lean on me, let me carry you

Let me lighten your load, give you strength, give you hope

To get to brighter days, sunny skies and even ground

Let me be your rock.

Bring me with you on your journey

You need not be alone.

Let me be your rock

And you can be my stone.


Thanks for being on the journey with me.

Have a wonderful year!

With love,

Barbara xo

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