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The Book – Good Morning, Life!

One Woman Waking up to Happiness, One Moment at a Time

In this book, Barbara Demone shares the collected insights of her journals and reveals her stress-tested formula to enjoying:

  • Confident and compassionate leadership
  • Effective, guilt-free parenting
  • Cool-headed decision-making in heated situations
  • Less drama; more harmonious relationships
  • And that priceless yet elusive state: abundant, unfettered happiness.
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Barbara has presented her Happiness Formula at numerous corporate events and workshops, with groups ranging from 8 to 100 people.


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The best gift ever: Love

The best gift ever: Love

Holidays and special occasions often mean buying material things for our loved ones. My son’s birthday is coming up and we are scouring the internet for the baseball bat that he wants. The focus on gift-giving pops up several times a year, and it is a nice way of showing our love for that person….

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