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Author. Speaker. Financial Services Executive

Barbara Demone is the author of Good Morning, Life!

Barbara is an Ivey Business School graduate, an author, a strategic, results-oriented financial services executive, and a dedicated mom.

She believes it all starts with people. When people are at their best, engaged, empowered, and their creativity unleashed, it leads to innovative solutions, better risk decisions, and high-quality, long-term results for organizations. Leading with authenticity and helping people reach their potential is a key driver of her success.

In her book, Good Morning, Life! One Woman Waking Up to Happiness, One Moment at a Time, she shares her formula for happiness and success as a parent and full-time professional. Barbara brings her mindfulness practice to the service of successful leadership and compassionate parenting – and the deep satisfaction of a life well lived.

She shares The Happiness Formula and its application in the workplace at corporate speaking events and workshops.

She lives with her husband and two boys in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario.

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